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In today's tight job market, it is not easy to find a suitable programmer who can help you optimize your website, make an app work properly or help you with any other IT-related issue. Kojac can deliver student programmers who can get started quickly. Hiring a developer via Kojac is very easy. Curious about our method and our developers? Then read on.

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Why choose Kojac?

For 33 years, Kojac has been a student employment agency. We have formed a bridge between student developers and companies looking for a programmer. We have helped hundreds of companies find the right developers for their projects. Till this day our agency is run by students, so we stay young, fresh and flexible. On the one hand we offer students the opportunity to gain work experience and on the other hand we help companies who are struggling to find suitable programmers in the tight labour market. Do you have a question or would you like make an appointment? Then feel free to contact us.

Want to hire a developer for a project?

Do you have a IT related question and would you like to hire a developer? Kojac will help you find the right IT-student. We work exclusively with students who have specialised knowledge in several programming languages and disciplines within the IT sector, like a PHP developer or a full stack developer. That way we can always find someone who is knowledgeable about your question. Whether you need to develop a completely new app or remove bugs from an existing website. We have got you covered. When you want to get started you will meetup with a candidate you select yourself. If the candidate is a fit you can agree on the terms and the developer can start working.

What kind of developers do we have in house?

In the programming world, a distinction is often made between front-end and back-end development. Front-end is about the front-end of a website or what the visitor of the website sees. Back-end on the other hand is more about the technical side of things. At Kojac we therefore work therefore we work with both back-end developers and front-end developers. Furthermore, our programmers can program in a wide variety of languages; for example, we have PHP, Python and Java developers. Is your issue related to software? Then of course we will make sure you hire a software developer.

What are the benefits of hiring a student developer?

Kojac is a student employment agency by and for students. The advantage of this is that you always get a unique insight on problems that you may not have thought of yourself before. Although our student developers often have little or no work experience, they are incredibly enthusiastic to get started and they often work harder than a professional with years of experience. Moreover, in their training they receive many assignments where they apply knowledge to cases and learn skills. Do you doubt whether a student developer can solve your issue? No worries, the cost to meet with a programmer is €0.

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1. Submit a request

Submit a request through our website or book an appointment. We will respond as quickly as possible.

2. We analyse the request

We discuss the precise requirements of the job you are offering. We can do this on the phone but we would love to drink a cup of coffee with you in our office.

3. We search
the right match

We send a few profiles of candidates with the right qualifications. You can then choose which of the candidates you want to meet.

4. The programmer
can get to work

If the first meeting was a success, the developer can start working immediately. We will remain in contact to make sure everything is going alright.

Hiring a developer?
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