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Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language for making a web page. It is the type of programming language that forms the base of every website. Web pages are usually visited through a web browser, like Chrome of Safari. HTML makes sure these browsers display websites correctly. It is often combined with CSS for styling and with JavaScript for functionality.

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What does a HTML developer do?

Since HTML practically always goes together with other technologies there is no such thing as a HTML programmer. HTML is a part of the standard skill set of any front-end developer. It is the fundamental building brick of the web, and is usually paired with at least CSS. All modern websites currently use HTML5 in combination with CSS3. A programmer will therefore apply their HTML knowledge with nearly all other front-end toolkits.

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Superhero Gijs
HTML developer

In daily life, Gijs is a Computer Science student at TU Delft.

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Superhero Joep
HTML developer

In daily life, Joep is an Informatics student Data Science at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.