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Our vacancies

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PHP C# Python Javascript back-end frameworks
Back-end developer | Vacancies | Kojac
Randstad and/or remote | 2022-07-04

Does a well maintained database, fast response time to front-end requests and good server-side logic make your heart beat faster? Do you have experience with programming in Node.js, PHP, C# or Python? Then we might be able to help you! Regularly our existing or new customers are looking for a smart back-end developer, if you want us to put you in contact with them, please contact us.

If you are interested or if you know someone who wants to know more about this, please send an email to Celine via celine@kojac.nl

Een foto van een vacature bij Kojac.
Javascript HTML5/CSS3 Javascript frameworks
Front-end developer
Randstad and/or remote | 2022-07-14

Do you feel totally at ease with the languages Javascript, HTML and CSS? Do you have experience with a Javascript framework such as Vue.js, ReactJS or Angular? Do you enjoy working on the front-end of a website or application? Then we might have an interesting job for you! Sign up at kojac and we will try to match you with one of our existing clients or new clients.

If you're interested you can send an e-mail to Ben via ben@kojac.nl

Een foto van een vacature bij Kojac.
R Matlab Python Tensorflow SQL PowerBI
Data scientist
Randstad and/or remote | 2022-06-27

Are you enthusiastic about big data? Do you enjoy the challenge of extracting meaningful insights from large amounts of data, do you have knowledge of AI and would you like to take this to the next level? Do you have experience with R, Matlab, Python, Tensorflow, SQL or PowerBI and would you like to find a job in that area? Then Kojac is the place for you! Sign up with us and we will look for a cool data scientist job for you!

If you're interested you can send an e-mail to Ben via ben@kojac.nl

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Kojac’s mission is to be a student company run for and by students. We ourselves are students as well, which is why there is nothing stopping you from contacting us. Will you send us a message? We are here to help you to a relevant job!

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