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R is a language and environment for making statistical calculations and creating illustrations. R contains a broad scale of statistical (linear and non-linear modelling, classic statistical tests, time series analysis, classifications, clustering, etc…) and visualisation techniques, and it is very expandable. One of the stronger suits of R is the ease with which plots of publishable quality can be produced.

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What does a R developer do?

As an R data scientist, your responsibilities lie with writing code for data analysis, statistical calculations and modeling. Experience with statistics is essential for this function. R developers can be found in different sectors, but mostly in the financial branche. R data scientists have a strong mathematical basis, with an emphasis on statistics. Lastly, R data scientists also know how to visualise data in the best and clearest way possible.

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Superhero Romy
R developer

In daily life, she is studying for her bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. She rows in her spare time.

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Superhero Georgos
R developer

In daily life, he studies Data Science and Marketing Analysis at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He also loves to play tennis and sail.