Are you a developer?

C# (“C-sharp”) is an object oriented programming language by Microsoft that aims to combines the computing power of C++ with the convenience of Visual Basic. C# was designed to work with Microsoft’s .NET-platform. Microsoft’s goal is to facilitate the exchange of information and services via the web. Programmers can build on existing code rather than having to write a new one every time. This makes C# faster and cheaper for marketing new products and services.

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What does a developer do?

A C# programmer is very comfortable in Microsoft’s .NET ecosystem. C# programmers are usually responsible for developing applications that run on desktop computers, but they can also work on advanced back-end processes that drive modern web applications. C# simplifies programming by using Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), that give access to a programming object or method without the need for extra lines of code. Furthermore, C# developers are responsible for translating client wishes to usable C# solutions.

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Superhero Jelle

In daily life, he studies Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. He also has worked for a large company in Delft as a C# developer.

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Superhero Jurgen

In daily life, he studies Computer Science at TU Delft. Jurgen would love to apply his gained knowledge within a company.