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C is a middle-level programming language, because it’s located between low and high programming languages. A C-operating system can be used for programming, but also creating extensive applications like games. It is a procedural programming language. C is close to the machine, but also to the man. This means that machines can understand C very well and the programming language is readable to people. Exactly because C is closer to machine code than other languages, is why it is so suited for embedded systems.

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What does a C developer do?

C developers are responsible for the development of the code that is integrated in the basic operating system, kernel modules and embedded systems. C is a programming language for general purposes. It can be difficult to find good C developers, because the language is quite old and often used in specific branches. C developers develop code that integrates specifically with the existing (embedded) systems. Also, they can integrate their C code with low-level libraries for other high-level languages, like Node.js, Python and Go. C programmers have the skills to develop efficient, reliable and easily maintainable modules.

Are you looking for someone who can work with C?

Een foto van een voorbeeldstudent.
Superhero Renaldo
C developer

n daily life, he is a bachelor student Electrical Engineering at TU Delft. Here, he got acquainted with embedded systems, knowledge that Renaldo likes to put into practice.

Een foto van een voorbeeldstudent.
Superhero Mohamed
C developer

In daily life, he is a graduate student Electrical Engineering at TU Delft. Next to his studies, Mohamed was a part of a dream team where he was responsible for programming the solar car in C++.