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Angular developer

Wat is Angular?

Angular is an open-source web application framework guided by the Angular Team at Google. It is designed for building single-page client applications based on HTML and TypeScript. Angular is writing in TypeScript, an extension of JavaScript. Angular’s goal is not necessarily to build websites, rather to build applications with the use of web technologies.

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What does a Angular developer do?

An Angular developer designs, implements and tests web applications. The architecture of an Angular application is based on certain fundamental concepts. The basic building bricks of the Angualr framework are Angular components organised in Modules. Modules collect related codes in functional sets; an Angular app is defined by a set of such Modules. Within these Modules you can find Services that make up the core of the logistics of the app, and components that are responsible for the views.
The programmer takes care of the implementation of these components, services and modules, and makes sure everything works together properly. That way, a nicely functioning web app is created as final result!

Are you looking for someone who can work with Angular?

Een foto van een voorbeeldstudent.
Superhero Harm
Angular developer

In daily life, Harm studies Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. Next to his studies, Harm has worked as a full stack web developer and gained working experience as front-ender.

Een foto van een voorbeeldstudent.
Superheld Casper
Angular developer

In daily life, Casper is a graduate student Artificial Intelligence at VU Amsterdam. Next to his studies, Casper has worked as a web developer for two years.