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This is Kojac

Kojac was founded over thirty years ago, and we have been focussed on the IT market ever since. After the foundation in 1988, there have always been students in charge of Kojac and have paved the way for us! For ten years now, we have been placing highly educated students with companies. This way, companies get the most recent developments and students get the chance to learn in practice.

Kojac was founed by students and is still being managed by students. This way the company remains young and grows naturally.


For over 33 years, Kojac has been connecting IT students to companies and vice versa. We are currently aiming to give as many students of HBO and universities as possible an informative part time job, which allows them to explore their career opportunities. Also, the companies get to follow the newest developments straight from the lecture hall.

In 33 years, we have gained experience to be at your service for the most special projects.


In 1985, five students from the studies Electrical Engineering at TU Delft teamed up to organise a study trip to Korea and Japan: The Korea and Japan Committee.


An idea sprung from this collaboration: a company run by students where companies and students could collaborate: Kojac is a fact!

1989 - 2021

Through the years, Kojac has been growing. It started as an office where students gave software training to companies. Eventually, with a growing need for developers, the focus shifted to posting student programmers.


To this day, Kojac’s fire is carried by smart students and is still burning bright.

Meet the Kojac team

Een foto van Marten een vennoot van Kojac.

Marten Heemskerk

Partner | Delft

At Kojac, I am involved in speaking with new developers and keeping administrations. Linking Kojac Superheroes to incredible programming projects is very empowering! I hope that we can be the stepping stone towards a side or permanent job for many more students in the future. Apart from working at Kojac, I study Offshore & Dredging Engineering at TU Delft. Besides that, I like to go running and play ball, and when the weather allows it I love to go sailing.

Een foto van Jenske marketing manager bij Kojac.

Jenske Gosens

Marketing manager | Delft

As Marketing Manager, I deal with many different tasks: social media, funny events , promotional materials and more. Ultimately, my goal is to spread the accessible and professional image of Kojac and create more brand awareness. I collaborate with Marten, Daan and Simon a lot, and together we create interesting content for both the student and the company! I find working at Kojac incredibly fun and pleasant, and I learn a lot by getting the responsibility to choose and carry out any project. Aside from my job as Marketing Manager, I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, love to play field hockey and I am an active member at my student society!

Een foto van Simon een vennoot van Kojac.

Simon Pronk

Partner | Delft

Helping as many students to an awesome side job as possible, that is what drives me! It is also incredibly inspiring to get to know and help so many companies. Within Kojac I am responsible for payroll administration and playing the worst hit songs at the office. Apart from running student company Kojac, I am currently studying the master’s degree track Building Engineering at the faculty of Civil Engineering at TU Delft. In my spare time I like to cook and read. Furthermore, you can often find my on my racing bike or on the water!

Een foto van Ricardo financieel manager bij Kojac

Ricardo Jongerius

Financial manager | Delft

My foremost task at Kojac is to keep financial records. That means I make sure accounting is up to date, invoices are sent to companies, and our Kojac-Superheroes are paid their weekly salary. Actually everything that concerns money, concerns me. Next to this job, I am also a first year Computer Science master student. My love for money has started with my role as treasurer of the Computer Science study association. I enjoy overseeing all money affairs of a small company now as well!

Een foto van Daan een vennoot van Kojac.

Daan Gorsse

Partner | Delft

At Kojac, I am concerned with connecting new students to jobs at many different types of companies, from small startups to large multinationals. I also look into the internal IT infrastructure of our company and the legislation concerning employment contracts. I study the master’s degree of Engineering, Policy & Analysis at TU Delft. I was a member of the student council of TU Delft for a year, as a delegate of ORAS, where I was dealing with all ICT facilities on campus. Also, the newest gadgets are totally my thing.

We know which programmers we employ.

1. the developer


We only hire developers with previous programming experience.

2.We check

The skills

We look which programming languages the developer is comfortable with so that we can construct a good profile.

3. We get to know

the developer

The developer visits our office so that we can get to know each other and we can add the resume to the profile.

4.the developer

joins our network

Once the developer has been accepted we match the developer with the right jobs.

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