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MATLAB is a programming platform that was specifically designed for engineers and scientists. The heart of MATLAB is the MATLAB language, which is based on arrays as the most natural expression of computational maths. In university context, MATLAB has been the standard tool of instruction in maths, technology and science for years. Nowadays, Python and R, which are free of cost unlike MATLAB, are also frequently used. In the industry, MATLAB is mostly used for research, development and analysis.

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What does a Matlab developer do?

MATLAB data scientists use their mathematical knowledge to write complex programs for robotics, animation, data science and modeling. MATLAB developers have a very strong mathematical basis, and are good at expressing problems mathematically. With the help of these skills, they can mathematically write code that MATLAB can perform quicker than conventional programming languages.

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Een foto van een voorbeeldstudent.
Superhero Rafael
Matlab developer

In daily life, he is a graduate student Embedded Systems at TU Delft. Next to that, he was a member of a dream team and likes to ride his mountainbike

Een foto van een voorbeeldstudent.
Superhero Rick
Matlab developer

In daily life, he is a graduate student Systems and Control at TU Delft, aside from which he programs in his spare time and created an Android app to keep track of darting scores.