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Embedded systems

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An embedded system is a computer hardware system based on a microprocessor, with software that was designed to perform a specific function. This can be as an independent system, but also as a smaller part of a larger system. The core is made up of an integrated circuit that was designed to do calculations for real-time operations.

The complexity of embedded systems can vary from a single microcontroller to a series of processes with connected peripheral equipment and networks. Continuing, it could have no user interface at all, or rather a complex and graphic user interface. So the complexity of an embedded system varies significantly, depending on the task it was designed for.

Applications of embedded systems vary from digital watches and microwaves to hybrid vehicles and avionics. No less than 98% of all microprocessors are being used in embedded systems, which shows just how large this market is.

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Languages under Embedded systems

C is a middle-level programming language, because it’s located between low and high programming languages. A C-operating system can be used for programming, but also creating extensive applications like games. It is a procedural programming language. C is close to the machine, but also to the man. …

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