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As a student employment agency, it is our mission to be the bridge between highly educated student developers and companies. We make sure that you find the appropriate developer who can get to work quickly. Not sure what it is that you need? We will analyze your needs together and arrange the perfect developer for you. Are you scaling up, have you just acquired a large new customer or do you need capacity quickly for another reason? Choose a flexible student developer, we are happy to help!






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We work by a no cure, no pay methodology. Therefore you can always meet cost-free with different developers to get acquainted. Even during employment, we take on all employers risks. You will never be locked into anything you dislike.

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The managers at Kojac are standing at the heart of the student community and have a large database of developers at their disposal. Our broad, but tight and ordered network ensures that we can act quickly and meet your specific needs.

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We take all troubles during the whole trajectory off your hands. We take care of finding the right candidate and tend to all administrative matters. A fixed contact person is always available to relieve you of any concerns.

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The front-end developer is responsible for the face of your website, application or program and thereby the whole visible environment for the user. The front-end developer programs, tests and implements the front-end part and ensures user-friendliness and accessibility.

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  • een icoontje van een programmeertaal of framework


  • Wordpress

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We interview all developers who apply to Kojac. Because of this personal contact we are able to select the best candidate for your business.

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We would love to invite you to our office or get in touch through a video call, completely non-committal of course.

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