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A data analyst is responsible for cleaning, retrieving, and interpreting data. Our data analysts map market trends and customer needs for your company, enabling strategic and well-founded business decisions. With the rapid developments in AI, machine learning, and big data, it is important to keep up. Our data analysts assist you further and translate abstract data into tangible value.

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Why choose Kojac?

For 35 years, Kojac has been a student employment agency, bridging the gap between student data analysts and companies in need of data analysts. Our agency is still run by students, allowing us to remain young, fresh, and flexible. On one hand, we provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience, and on the other hand, we assist companies struggling to find suitable data analysts in the tight job market. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us.

Deploy a data analyst for your company.

Companies have access to an increasing amount of data, but often the potential of this data is not fully utilized. Therefore, data analysts ensure that data gains concrete value by organizing and interpreting it. They are experts in the field of data science and make important trends and customer insights visible in your data. Our analysts can create dashboards and reports to monitor campaign progress or understand customer needs. Using high-quality tools, our data analysts extract valuable insights from large amounts of data, which significantly contributes to making informed strategic decisions.

What does a data analyst do?

A data analyst searches for trends, outcomes, or developments within large amounts of data. They achieve this by conducting statistical analyses using programs and tools such as R, SQL, and Python. By cleansing databases, organizing data, and interpreting results, your company gains insights into important trends and outcomes.

What is a data analyst needed for?

While companies gather a lot of data, it often requires specialized knowledge and experience to uncover the meaning behind this data. Our data analysts assist in distilling results, trends, and developments from abstract data, enabling insights such as determining if objectives are being met, understanding customer needs, or tracking the progress of a campaign.

Where can I find a highly educated data analyst?

The data analysts at Kojac are highly educated IT students with knowledge of various programming languages and data analysis tools. You can get acquainted with data analysts without any obligation, and once you select the right candidate, the student will start working immediately. Additionally, our data analysts are flexible and approach your challenges with a fresh perspective. If you don't need a data analyst but are looking for a student developer, we are also happy to assist you in that regard.

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