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Maybe it has already occurred to you, but the website of Kojac has had a complete make-over. Kojac is about 33 years old and the website originated from 2015. Therefore it needed to be renewed. That is why we decided to take on this challenge together with the design firm Komovo and the development firm Achahboun Solutions. In this blogpost we will give you numerous tips on how you can improve your website. We will use our own website to provide concrete examples.

Firstly, the most important thing about a website is that it has an objective. This objective depends on your enterprise. We at Kojac want to couple talented students with firms who need flexible developers. That is why we designed our website with this goal in mind. You can see this in the sliders with testimonials on our homepage.

But a clear objective is not sufficient. Your website also has to be user-friendly. This means that the text on your website should have a good size and that there has to be a clear distinction between the text and the background. On our website you can see that most of our backgrounds are either white or light blue and our text has a dark blue colour. This way we know that it will be clearly readable.

A third advice which matches well with user friendliness is consistency. Meaning that you use the same shapes and colour combinations on all pages of your website. Users will be able to get used to your website and they will remember your brand better.

Next to consistency and user-friendliness, the speed of your website is very important. It can make or break a website even though the user interface is great. If it takes more than three seconds to load a webpage, you will lose many potential customers. If you want to make your website faster, you should compress your images and other static sources. This way it will take less time to send them across the web.

What is also very important nowadays is the usability of your website on mobile phones. Around one half of the people who use the internet do so on a mobile device. So you should make sure all text is clearly readable even on smaller screen sizes.

And last but not least, try to include valuable information on your website. For example pictures of projects you have completed or concrete tips for your customers.

Do you want more advice on how to improve your website or are you looking for a flexible developer? Then please reach out to us. We would love to help you!

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